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Not all backpacks are equally useful. There are shoulder bags designed exclusively for carrying things in them. And accessories that perform a variety of different, sometimes unexpected functions. And today we will tell you about the 8 most unusual backpacks with a secret.

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Backpack with scooter

There are tens, if not hundreds of millions of people in the world for whom the best vacation is Hiking around the world with a backpack on their shoulders. But why walk, if from time to time you can go, roll? The more so that the traveler can contribute to the backpack itself.

The elements of the vehicle are skillfully integrated into the bag, they weigh relatively little and can be decomposed in the shortest possible time.

This backpack is indispensable for people who value their time and effort. After all, with the help of a built-in scooter, you can move not only through city streets, but also, for example, through huge airport terminals.

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Backpack with skateboard and scooter

The theme of backpacks with built-in individual vehicles continues with the bag, which can turn into two structures for movement at once – a skateboard and a scooter.

The fact is that if desired, the owner of this backpack can unfasten the hard Board built into it to hang the bag on his shoulders, stand on a skateboard and go forward. He also has the ability to simply flip the bar, take hold of the pull-out handle and move around on his backpack, which has turned into a cargo scooter. It all depends on the individual’s personal preferences and travel conditions.

Backpack with Bicycle

This is a shoulder bag for things that is connected to a folding off-road bike.

This backpack is an ideal purchase for active lifestyle enthusiasts who like to travel to the most remote corners of the Globe. The total weight of the structure, including the bike and bag, is only nine kilograms. At the same time, the process of assembling a bike from a backpack takes only a couple of minutes.

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Backpack for people in a war zone

Externally, this backpack is no different from hundreds and thousands of other similar bags. However, if you are a stringer journalist or a person who was not lucky enough to be in a war zone, this accessory will be indispensable for you.

The fact that it has built-in armor that can protect the owner from bullets and shrapnel. The walls of this backpack are sewn with Kevlar inserts that can withstand a shot from a firearm. In this case, the bag can be straightened in such a way as to protect not only the back, but also the head, liver, kidneys, heart and other vital organs of the human body.

Nature Gear XL Picnic Backpack – Classic 4 Person Insulated Design – Waterproof Blanket and Full Cutlery Set Red

Picnic backpack

The direct opposite of a backpack for people in a war zone is a picnic backpack, created for residents of regions where you can safely go on picnics in nature. After all, this bag carries two useful functions for this type of holiday.

First, it is a refrigerator where you can transport soft drinks or hot food without fear that it will get cold or deteriorate on the way.

Secondly, it is an audio system. The backpack has several built-in speakers that can be connected to a player, smartphone, tablet or laptop to stream music from it for an outdoor party.

Solar Charger Backpack With 7 Watts Solar Panel For Smart Cell Phones

Backpack with solar battery

A backpack with a solar battery is an ideal shoulder bag for those who can’t even part with their favorite devices – a smartphone, tablet or laptop-while traveling. After all, this accessory allows you to walk without thinking about the fact that your digital devices may run out of power.

The outer part of the backpack has built-in solar panels. You can connect your device to them so that it charges while you are climbing a mountain or walking across Europe.

Backpack with built-in tent

Often travelers carry a tent with them to spend the night where they will be found in the dark. However, to do this, they have to take huge backpacks with a large volume. But a backpack with a built-in tent is quite a compact shoulder bag that can turn into an unassuming dwelling in the shortest possible time.

This is a good option

for unassuming travelers, vagrants and homeless people. This backpack will become a mobile home for them, where they can not only live, but also store their personal belongings. Besides, all this is easy to carry from place to place on your own shoulders.


eelo Cyglo – The Ultimate Outdoor Cycle Backpack for Full Visibility and Awareness. Keeping The Rider Safe from Careless Drivers. Safety Back Pack with Rear LED Signal Display (Green)

backpack for cyclists

Cyclists, in contrast to, for example, from motorists, can not the technical means to warn other road users about your future maneuvers – cornering or braking. Therefore, among them, it is customary to inform them about their future plans while driving. But this may change in the future. After all, a backpack with electric turn signals and brake lights has already appeared.

The backpack has an led display that allows the cyclist to inform those who are riding behind him about their planned turn, braking or acceleration. In addition, it has a function to say “thank You” and “Sorry”to other road users.

Control of the led display is carried out using a special panel attached to the handlebar of the Bicycle.


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