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Backpack for hunting: how and what to choose, what to pay attention to

A good hunter is a ready-made experienced scout, a sharpshooter who is able to endure the difficulties of marching life in any conditions. But it is difficult to bear the hardships of a camping life without equipment. And the most important attribute of the hunter is a backpack for hunting, which adds up products, trophies, binoculars, important things.

Choosing a shoulder bag, take into account the duration of the transition, the size of the expected production, etc. Do not save time and personal funds, because a high-quality backpack will save things and save the health of the owner. While a Frank “wrong” will show all the “charm” of a rash purchase on the first hunt.

Main characteristics of a hunting backpack

The standard hunting backpack is designed for a short, three-day outing. Most models are medium-sized and have a volume of 60 to 80 liters. The interior space freely accommodates everything that is useful during the hunt: a stock of food, clothing, equipment details, and so on.

Often, a hunting backpack is equipped with removable pouches for convenient placement of what should be in quick access: a knife, matches, compass, flashlight, etc.

With the help of carabiners and ribbons on the outside of the shoulder bag, everything that a novice hunter or trapper with experience will need is attached.

When choosing a backpack for hunting, consider the following:

  • mobile warehouse” is light, soft and roomy;
  • the presence of anatomical ergonomics (the maximum amount + maintain correct posture);
  • wide functionality (saving physical resources and time of the hunter).

Hunting backpack design

Choosing a backpack for hunting, take into account the characteristics of your physique, preferences and mode of intended hunting. To choose your” own ” model from dozens of similar ones, make sure that the product meets its intended purpose.

The task will be significantly simplified if you study the varieties of hunting backpacks and their design features in advance.

Types of backpacks

Duffel bags and backpacks for those who like Hiking, fishing or hunting differ in size and capacity. Hunting models are classified into three types.


Small duffel bags

Inexpensive shoulder bags with a capacity designed for a short hunt are presented in a frame or soft version, like an army duffel bag. The volume of 20 liters is enough to hold a change of clothes, food supply, first aid kit and hygiene products. Option for a one-day hike or departure without an overnight stay.


Medium-sized models

Products with a volume of 25-60 liters can be sent to longer distances. Made of lightweight, durable materials and comfortable to wear, the backpacks will accommodate not only the standard set of “clothing-food-trivia”, but also traps with trophies.


Large model

There is nothing better for a person diagnosed as an avid hunter. The products have impressive dimensions, and their capacity starts from 70 liters. Having put a tent in a backpack, you can go on a multi-day fishing trip or settle in a hunting base.

Minus: a heavy filled backpack loads your back and you will have to make frequent stops to rest.

Preferred models with a light anatomical frame that unloads the spine, making it easier to carry a backpack.

Selection criterion

Having identified the type, volume and functionality of the hunting backpack, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • weight;
  • material;
  • ergonomics;
  • the presence of internal departments and external modules for carrying equipment;
  • color (color similar to the environment);

Remember! You can’t save money on hunting backpacks. High-quality model ensures the safety of supplies, saves physical resources during the transition, the pursuit of production.


The fewer sounds, the more productive the hunt. The hunter’s shoes, clothing, and backpack should not make noise. To determine the “noise” of a model you like, shake it in your hands and run your fingernail over the fabric. Repeat the manipulation after filling the backpack. There should be no unnecessary sounds.


An insignificant parameter for hunting or catching an animal from hiding. But for running hunting, it is better to choose the most lightweight model. Even an empty backpack should not be heavy.

The weight of the filled one should not exceed 3 kg.however, for hardy, physically strong men, heavier options are also suitable.


Additional functionality

The best manufacturers of hunting equipment are constantly improving their products. Thanks to their efforts, modern backpacks are equipped with many “lotions” that make life easier for the hunter. The most common:

  • Comfortable, stable high chair made of durable high-quality fabric (cheap products do not differ in stability).
  • Plenty of pockets with lockable buckles made of solid metal (plastic are easily damaged).
  • External slings and linings (MOLLE system). They are used for attaching additional inventory: a carpet-caremat, a flask, etc.
  • Internal lacing, ties. The internal volume is adjustable, and the contents of the backpack are distributed more compactly and functionally.
  • Reinforced “anatomical” back. Protects the back from contact with the contents of the backpack. Creates an air layer that vents and removes moisture during the summer heat.
  • The bottom is reinforced with durable, moisture-resistant, non-deformable materials. Protects the product from getting wet and wear, so that the backpack can be placed on rocks, swampy soil or in the mud.


Designed for hunting, the backpack should be ergonomic, that is, comfortable. An important parameter is required anyway! The fact is that the same model will sit differently on different people.

Attention! The slightest discomfort when wearing a backpack indicates that the model does not fit. Maximum ergonomics are distinguished by products equipped with a system of adjusting suspensions that “adjust” the bag to the structure of its body.


The wider the straps, the less they cut into the hunter’s shoulders. This is especially important when carrying a lot of weight. They must be adjusted, changed in length, and fixed rigidly with strong hardware.


Straps on the backpack.

The wider the straps on the backpack, the less they will cut into the shoulders.
Some models of small and medium-sized backpacks are attached with straps and a belt. Large-hanging, interlocking straps at chest level.


The capacity of the backpack indicates its capacity. It is important that the volume of the bag and the dimensions of the cargo match.

It does not matter if the displacement of the product will be higher. In this case, the volume is adjusted using internal ties. It is much worse if the backpack is too small and does not contain everything you need.


Quality and material inspection

The higher the quality – the longer the service life. It is easy to determine the quality if you perform the following manipulations:

  • To check the internal stitches. They should be stitched with cotton, silk or semi-silk ribbon.
  • Put on, adjust the bag for yourself. Fill and try again. The slightest discomfort-p
    Unzip / fasten the zippers several times.
  • They should not get stuck.
  • Check the noiselessness of the material.

A hunting backpack must be made of a strong, water-resistant, fire-resistant, camouflage material. The most practical shoulder bags are made of lightweight, reliable polyester. The material does not require special care. The most durable canvas products can withstand heavy weight and are resistant to wear.

Tip: a high-quality shoulder bag, even if empty, should retain its shape. This is a guarantee that after filling it will not swell and skew to one side.

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