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How to choose?

Airlines generously offer their services to the public – quickly and comfortably be anywhere in the world. Therefore, flights have long been commonplace. Travel, business trips, if you plan in advance, it is more profitable to organize it by air transport. When going on the road, many people have a question, what kind of bag or backpack can you take with you on Board? After all, not everyone knows what hand Luggage is, what its dimensions and weight are allowed. Is a backpack considered hand Luggage? To feel confident at the check-in before boarding the plane, not to worry constantly about Luggage, it is necessary to understand all these nuances.

The fact is that airlines often put forward their own requirements and set their own rules regarding suitcases and bags that can not be put in Luggage. Therefore, not every backpack on the plane can be taken with you. Special attention is paid to the size of hand Luggage. The maximum dimensions of the backpack that you want to carry on the aircraft must correspond to the following parameters: 55x40x25 (length, width, depth in centimeters).

It turned out that most of the suitcases of the SIZ cabins that passengers used to take with them to the cabin without any problems now do not fit strictly defined dimensions.

Catalog of backpacks in hand Luggage

Can I take my backpack in my hand Luggage? Airlines have no restrictions on the types of hand Luggage – you can carry anything that fits into the dimensions and is safe for passengers and the aircraft. A backpack of compact size is usually always carried on Board without problems, because it is convenient to store and quickly get your wallet, documents, mobile phone, keys, passport.

How to travel comfortably and without problems:

  • You need to decide which company is more profitable and convenient to fly with.
  • Examine its requirements for the size of hand Luggage.
  • Choose a suitable backpack for the plane. It can also be a so-called backpack-bag in hand Luggage – these backpacks can hide the straps inside, turning into a bag.

How to choose a backpack for air travel?

Is the backpack a carry-on bag? Of course, Yes, if it meets the stated parameters put forward by the airlines. It is easy to take it with you to the salon. The main thing is to choose a practical, versatile travel backpack that is perfect for any trip. With a large number of pockets and compartments, quick access to things and the ability to turn a backpack into a bag.

Experienced travelers are advised to choose a backpack slightly larger than the dimensions stated by the airline. After all, a backpack, unlike a hard suitcase, can be compressed by 2-5 cm on each side (if you do not carry something hard in it). In addition, if you take the backpack on Board is not fully filled, then when you measure it at registration, you can easily crumple it by 10-20 cm!


Therefore, if the airline limits the dimensions of 55x40x25, you can choose a backpack with dimensions such as 58x42x28-such a backpack can be Packed into a measuring frame.

If you consider options with dimensions of 55x40x25, you can safely fly most European airlines . These backpacks weigh 1-2 kg and have a volume of about 35-40 liters. This is enough to put a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and clothing inside. Many models with soft adjustable straps are equipped with side compression straps.

For hand Luggage, choose a model that is as rectangular as possible – similar to a suitcase – this is the most effective form for hand Luggage. After all, if the backpack has large semicircular bends, then its maximum dimensions will remain the same, and the amount of things that can be put in it will be less than that of a rectangular backpack.

Traveling with backpacks is faster, cheaper, and more comfortable. After the flight, passengers go to business negotiations or a long-awaited vacation without waiting in line to get their Luggage. If the flight is with a low-cost carrier, the ticket price often increases by 50-100% for the presence of Luggage. As for security, many people are familiar with the situation when Luggage flies in the opposite direction, expensive perfumes are broken inside the suitcase, and the quality suitcase itself becomes battered and loses its rigidity.

Specialized backpacks in hand Luggage.

Many manufacturers have long been oriented and produce a chic range of backpacks designed for carry-on Luggage, withstanding the standard sizes of models set by airlines. In our store, we have collected the most high-quality and thoughtful models of backpacks. As a rule, these backpacks are as close as possible to the established dimensions, have an effective rectangular shape, and the design of the backpacks used convenient for moving construction elements.

Non-specialized backpacks for flights

But you can also use more versatile backpacks as hand Luggage, such as city backpacks over 30 liters, which are also great for flights. In addition, you can use the city backpack in everyday life. So if you are looking for a universal backpack for all occasions, then a large city backpack is the right solution!

To find a suitable suitcase that will be allowed to take to the salon, you need to spend a lot of time, and it weighs about 3 kg. and the maximum weight of the backpack will not exceed 1.5 kg. Accordingly, the backpacks will fit more things and items. Today, there are many opportunities to travel pleasantly, avoid unpleasant situations, and make comfortable air travel.

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Top 5 Backpacks in hand luggage

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