Best backpacks for hiking

How to choose a tourist backpack?

Tourist backpack is fundamentally different from the popular urban models. The main preference of this accessory is to carry a large number of things over long distances. Therefore, the main characteristics of the backpack must meet the requirements that can provide ease and convenience during a long transition from place to place.

Among the tourist types of backpacks are distinguished: trekking, climbing or expedition. For normal long trips, lightweight tracking models are used, which have their own characteristics.

Rules for choosing a tourist backpack

In order to correctly choose a traveler’s shoulder bag, you need to determine how long distances will be covered, how many days will pass on the way, the terrain, as well as the presence of a rigid frame of the product.

Experts note that for the first trip, you should choose a product in the average cost of the segment to determine the features that are necessary for a particular person.

General rules for choosing a model dictate:

well-known brand (popular manufacturers value their reputation, so their products often have an undeniable quality, this is reflected in the price, but the result is worth it, in addition, usually these manufacturers give a guarantee on their product);

adjustable suspension (the first backpack is better to buy with this option, since the body is still just getting used to Hiking and the need to carry a load, over time, the tourist will understand exactly what should be the height and type of attachment);

high-quality accessories (there is nothing worse than repairing a backpack on a hike, so you should pay attention to everything, even the smallest details, in particular, fasteners, locks and fasteners should be high-quality and durable);

cost (do not immediately take the most expensive models from well-known brands, they often have too much extra, it is better to pay attention to the model at the average price in the segment);

useful things (when choosing a backpack for a hike, do not forget about useful things that can be very useful on the road, this is a special waterproof pocket for documents, light-saving holders for locks and zippers on the product, reflective strips on the body of the shoulder bag, the bottom of the waterproof material, a compartment for carrying a laptop).

Materials, zippers and zippers

Today, almost 90% of backpacks for Hiking are made from three types of fabrics. Most often it is:

avizent (wear-resistant and durable material, has reduced moisture resistance, so you will have to use a special raincoat);

Oxford (pleasant to the body and light fabric that is used for sewing almost all products in the average price policy);

Cordura (has increased moisture-resistant and frost-resistant properties, a little heavier than Oxford, but it looks very attractive, when moving the fabric slightly crunches).


One of the important points is the performance and strength of zippers and fasteners. They should be strong, because in the campaign it is very inconvenient to repair the parts of the backpack, and sometimes there is not even time for it.

Straps, printed details, straps

Properly selected backpack straps – this is 80% of comfort in the campaign. They should not be too thin, soft and well stitched. The width should be matched exactly to the person’s shoulders.

Beginners should choose products with adjustable elements for hanging additional things, and also pay attention to the waist belt. All parts must be anatomically shaped and well suited to the human body.

Covering the valves and internal departments

Some models have two compartments that can be accessed independently of each other. Also, most products have an upper closing valve that allows you to protect things from moisture and reduces the weight of the shoulder bag.

Very convenient models, where there is a separate access to each bag. This allows you to quickly get a sleeping bag or bowlers, if there is such a need, without disassembling the basic things.

What volume and weight to choose for a Hiking backpack?

The sporting goods market offers a wide range of products with different capacities. For each campaign, the duration and complexity of which is markedly different, it is advised to select different models:

small (their volume reaches 40 liters, it is an ideal solution for a hike of one day, they fit only the most necessary things in the form of a jacket, in case of cold weather, a snack, a thermos and a camera, as well as various necessary things);

medium (up to 60 l, great for weekend hikes with one or two nights, this backpack will fit a tent and sleeping bag, but the stock of clothing and other important things should be kept to a minimum);

large (volume varies from 70 to 140 liters, designed for long Hiking trips, can accommodate a large number of things and a supply of food, drinking water, the most equipped models can provide a fully Autonomous hike for up to two weeks).

All models have a small weight, depending on the type of fabric and additional fasteners that are provided in the backpack. The correct distribution of the weight of the already loaded backpack depends on the adjustment and the presence of auxiliary elements.

Pick up the backpack “to the body»

To choose the right product, you need to try it on and walk around for 5-10 minutes. It should be comfortable and easy to sit on the shoulders, the straps do not move. In addition, the fitting should be made on the clothes that you plan to wear in the campaign. It is better to make a fitting on a light t-shirt or jacket. And a warm jacket, which may be required in the campaign.

How to adjust the backpack for tourism?

Competent consultants in the store will be able to fit the product to the characteristics of a particular person. However, you can do this yourself, based on the following details:

suspension system (some products are equipped with a special adjustment system, which will fit the straps exactly in size, it is a little heavier bag);

adjustment slings (to reduce weight and concentrate it on the hips, you need to try adjusting the adjustment points);

braces at the top of the product (stripes located at the top of the bag on the straps, they prevent lagging the top of the backpack from the body and sagging in the lower back);

stabilizing braces (should be as tight as possible, located in the lower part, connecting the waist belt with the bottom of the shoulder bag);

chest tie (connects the straps in the chest area, provides stability, it is an important accessory for Hiking on uneven terrain).

Professional experts in specialized stores will help you choose the right model and, if necessary, adjust for a specific person. However, knowing the basic rules and methods of adjustment is necessary for further self-improvement.

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