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How to choose a suitcase

Why travel with a suitcase at all?

Suitcases versus backpacks is a hot and always relevant debate among travelers. In this article, we are discussing the suitcase topic, so we will argue some other time.

Here are some reasons to love suitcases:

No back pain.
Organized storage. There’s nothing worse than being covered in pistachio ice cream and realizing that the wet wipes are at the bottom of your backpack. Under clean things that pistachio hands are better not to touch.
More chances to bring fragile items in one piece, thanks to a stronger case.
Castors. When there are several bottles of Chilean wine or several kilograms of Dutch cheese inside, it is very pleasant to roll a suitcase around the airport, sarcastically watching how “shoulder bags” and “backpacks” take on all this good, risking falling on their back under the weight of the cargo. And to be left lying helplessly on the floor like a little bulldog puppy.
Representative view. When you need to be businesslike or look like a rock star in a luxury hotel, a backpack is no help here.
What to consider when choosing Luggage
It all depends on your goals and the type of travel that you usually have. This will help you determine the important functions of your suitcase and make the right choice in the future, without returning to the issue of Luggage for many years.

Which of the main types of travelers do you consider yourself to be?

Business tourist. All your trips are mostly work-related. You carry a laptop and a suit, which is desirable not to crumple much.
Shopping tourist. You can easily fly to Milan in a t-shirt and jeans, knowing that you will take at least half of the city back.
A tourist traveling with a minimum of things. You do not like to pack a lot of clothes and rarely buy something on the trip. You just don’t want to carry a backpack.
Extreme. Your Luggage is always a lot of equipment, some amazing devices and fragile things. During the trip, you are happy to destroy yourself on rocks and motorcycles, and more careful equipment than your perishable.
A family with a child. Your main task is to somehow accommodate all your favorite toys, t-shirts, hats, medicines for all diseases and try to leave space for your own things.
The occasional traveler. You only go on a trip for events: your honeymoon, your grandmother’s birthday, a football match, and so on.
Now that we have figured out the goals, let’s look at the characteristics of suitcases that exist in nature at all. And then we’ll try to put it all together in some way.

Size selection: General recommendations

The suitcase should be the size that you can handle on your own. Not everyone and not everywhere is ready to help you.
Don’t forget about the requirements of the airlines. The size of your Luggage must match them.
Check the suitcase for additional zippers, which can increase the useful space of the suitcase.
What are the sizes of suitcases

40x55x20 cm — the size of hand Luggage in most airlines.
47x68x30 cm-one of the most popular sizes of a suitcase, you can travel anywhere with it.
52x75x31 cm-the optimal size for two people on a short vacation in a warm country.
53x81x36 cm-a giant suitcase that will hold all your purchases.
Recommendations by type of traveller
Business tourist — 40x55x20 cm
Shopping tourist-52x75x31 cm
A tourist traveling with a minimum of things — 40x55x20 cm
Extreme — 47x68x30 cm
Family with child-52x75x31 / 53x81x36 cm
Episodic traveler-47x68x30 cm
Other features of your Luggage
Modern suitcases have a lot of different lotions and chips that affect the convenience of transportation, packaging, and protection of its interior.

The main thing to remember is that the more you put on the suitcase, the heavier it is.

Color. A bright suitcase is easier to recognize on the Luggage belt. It is also less likely to be confused or stolen. You will also make it easier for the Concierge at the hotel. And don’t buy a black suitcase, please.
Wheels. Suitcases with four wheels are usually more stable, and they also feel better at airports and hotels.

Remember that the wheels must be large and soft. Large wheels help you easily cope with obstacles without exposing the lower surface of your suitcase to impacts. Soft wheels absorb the bumps, cracks, and vibration.
Handles. When purchasing it is important to check the functionality of the handle: it must be properly extended and be of sufficient length for you.
Compartments. You should be well-versed in what you put / threw in the suitcase. A large number of compartments will help organize even those who do not like to spend a lot of time collecting and carefully storing their belongings.
Extensibility. Especially important for shopaholics.
Materials. It is a mistake to think that “soft” suitcases are lighter. Rigid enclosures are usually made of various types of plastic, and the best option, financially and structurally, is polycarbonate. Yes, such Luggage is more expensive, but it is a profitable “investment” in the long term.
Security. We advise you to protect yourself from hacking with the most reliable lock. The suitcases have a lock with the TSA function — this means that if you need to search, customs will open your Luggage with a universal key, without knocking down the code or damaging the suitcase itself. And for intruders, your Luggage will still remain a mystery.

Recommendations by type of traveller

With the color, we think, you will decide for yourself. With the handle, too, everything is clear, and safety is important for everyone.

Below is a breakdown of the other functions.

Business tourist
Wheels: 4
Material: hard
Extensibility: not important
Please note that there is a special compartment for your laptop
Shopping tourist
Wheels: 4
Extensibility: important
Material: hard / soft
Belts and mesh compartments are important
A tourist traveling with a minimum of things
Wheels: 2 / 4
Extensibility: not important
Material: hard / soft
Two compartments are enough
Wheels: 2
Extensibility: important
Material: hard / soft
Pay attention to the special compartments for equipment
Family with child
Wheels: 4
Extensibility: important
Material: hard / soft
Belts and mesh compartments are important
Episodic traveler
Wheels: 2 / 4
Extensibility: important
Material: hard / soft
Two compartments are enough

Top 5 suitcases

American Tourister Fieldbrook XLT Softside Upright Luggage, Black

Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set, Pink

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Bronze

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Brushed Anthracite

AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Suitcase Luggage with Wheels – 20-Inch, 28-Inch, Orange

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