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Carrying-backpack for dogs: description, selection criteria and the use of

If you want your four-legged friend to accompany you on tourist trips and walks, then you need to immediately think about how you will move together. Not always your dog can happily mince around, for example, if it is a public place or an airport. The optimal solution is to purchase a sling-a special carrier for Pets.

Before buying, you need to clearly understand how, where and when you will use such a backpack, take into account the size of your pet and, of course, your financial capabilities. It is better to invest not in a brand model as a priority, but in a carrier made of high-quality materials, so that it can serve you for many years, and not some fashion season.

What is a sling for?

Many owners take their Pets with them to various events and trips, and in such cases, the sling is simply necessary not only as a fashion accessory, but also as a significantly simplifying part of life.

And in such types of transport as bus, plane, ship and boat, carrying is a mandatory condition for the dog to be able to accompany you. Many places set their own rules regarding dogs traveling with their owners, so all this should be explored before the trip, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

Public transport secretly forces pet owners to move with a carrier, because its absence threatens the safety of surrounding citizens. And the pet itself with such a crowd of people can get really excited.

If you do not have the most hardy pet, and long walks are unbearable for him, then carrying is a humane and appropriate solution. It is also recommended to carry dogs in the sling that do not get along with strangers, are timid or, conversely, indiscriminately stick to any passer-by.

If you are moving, arriving at a hotel, or visiting, the carrier will be like a doghouse for your dog, creating an atmosphere of familiar security.

How to choose?

Taking into account the size of your dog when choosing a sling is one of the most important points that can not be ignored. The animal should move quietly in the bag – nothing should restrict movement. If you are going to travel for a long time, then the bag should have a place to stretch out for sleep, so that nothing gets numb – this applies to both backpacks on the back and chest slings.

The material should be waterproof and of high quality, the seams should not stick out or dig into the dog, the locks should not scratch the animal’s skin.

Ideally, the material should be hypoallergenic.

The sling should be easy to unbutton on parts for washing or have a single non-sticky material. It is very important to disinfect the backpack, even if you have washed it.

There should be holes in the sling that provide good ventilation. The backpack itself should allow the dog to look around, otherwise the animal may experience panic attacks.

Of course, all belts must be fastened tightly so that the dog does not fall to the ground.


There are several types of such portable devices.

  • Shoulder bag: very similar to a woman’s bag, there is a hole only for poking the dog’s head. Suitable for small dogs and puppies, but especially move in such a bag will not work. This is not the most comfortable option, but for short “distances” can be very useful. The sling comes with a zipper and a pair of straps of different lengths. Aesthetically, this bag looks very impressive, and often the choice is made on the basis of appearance, and the comfort of the pet fades into the background.
    Don’t forget, the main thing is that the dog is comfortable.
  • Box: in this carrier, the ventilation is just excellent, the frame is installed, you can put it on your shoulders or hold it in your hand. Ideal for medium-sized dogs.
  • Sling: very similar to the option for newborns. You can wear the dog on your chest, the owner’s hands will be free, and the pet’s weight will be evenly distributed in front. Large dogs cannot be carried in the sling, only small and medium-sized breeds feel quite comfortable in the sling. The maximum weight that is provide for the sling is 8 kg, and it is not recommended to exceed the value, because this is not only inconvenient for the animal itself, but also an excessive load on the owner’s back. Slings have many advantages: they can be worn both on the stomach and on the shoulder, turn over on your back – and will always be equally comfortable. The animal has an overview of the sides, not the front, as in backpacks, and it is possible to lay the dog.
  • Backpack: a kind of frame sling, the dog looks back from you. Can be worn on the back.
  • Transformer: free frame backpack with wheels. Convenient for larger breeds-up to 10 kg, suitable for long trips.
  • Road transport: a great Hiking option for those who plan tourist trips, long-distance hikes and other variations of an active lifestyle. Often the animal gets tired on the road, and such a backpack will be a godsend. But this bag will be an exit only for short periods of time, because the only position for transportation, in which the dog can be located for carrying inside the backpack, is sedentary, and with a long stay in a static state, the limbs may become numb.

The transfer models are open and closed. In the open version, there are holes for the paws, and in the closed type, the dog must be completely located inside.

How does it work?

Sewing a backpack is a very painstaking task. Even when making a single model, several types of fabrics are used. As a rule, the basic basic fabric is nylon or polyester, but there are different variations depending on the price category of the future product. Nevertheless, the base should be water-repellent and very strong, protect the pet from wind, rain and other weather conditions. And also the material must be wear-resistant, so that the dog does not tear or scratch it.

To ensure oxygen access, several holes of different sizes are required. For winter models, insulation inserts or additional layers of nylon are added. More often, sintepon is used as a gasket, less often-cotton. Especially inserts are important for small breeds of dogs and for short-haired ones, since in the cold season they do not have enough heating of their own.

Useful recommendations

Carrying a pet sometimes seems more productive or safer, but you still need to remember that this is a temporary pastime-the bag restricts the movement of the animal, the paws and the whole body can become numb. Just like with a leash, you need to do all the important things, and immediately release the animal.

In other circumstances, where carrying is necessary, it will serve an excellent service, giving the dog a sense of intimacy with the owner, and therefore, security.

Be sure to take into account the moments of climate change, the season of the time of year when you plan to use the backpack, because the size, model, and materials of which the accessory is made will be different.


So, for summer time, you can use models made of plastic and not buy anything metal-the material quickly heats up in the sun and can burn your pet. The holes should be made of mesh, not covered with plastic wrap. Even if an animal in a bag with a porthole can see what is happening around, there will not be enough oxygen inside, and there may be attacks of suffocation.

For winter, do not forget to buy models with a double insulation pad for protection from cold.

The outer part of the bag can be made of natural material, but the inside should be made of artificial, resistant to damage from fangs and claws.

Size is very important. Put your pet inside if the animal can move completely freely – this is a great model. If movement is restricted, then see other options.

Don’t forget to introduce your pet to the accessory before using it. Often the dog is not afraid of the sling itself, but of the unknown, and even a couple of minutes of preliminary acquaintance can change the situation.

Carrying is a great, modern option for active owners who want their pet to keep them company much more often. At the moment, the market is full of all sorts of backpacks with a variety of prices. But despite the possibilities of yourwallet, the priority should be the comfort of your pet and the wear resistance of the accessory.

Top 5 backpacks for dogs

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