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Many future parents have not yet waited for the baby to be born already dreamily think about how they will go Hiking with the whole family. About how their child will join tourism. The first backpacks appeared almost 100 years ago. Soon after the invention of easel backpacks. Back then, carrying backpacks were more like a high chair suspended from a frame. Models were improved very slowly, were clearly not as convenient as now, but still in demand.

A functional and convenient baby carrier is a great way to transport a child. It’s no secret that children love to sit high. In addition, this method is quite safe. Parents can confidently overcome narrow passages, paths or small ascents without worrying that the child will fall out, since it is securely fastened with restraining straps. After all, a child is not just a load, it is a favorite person for you. An excellent solution for young parents who lead an active lifestyle. The child’s seat is adjustable in depth and width, all fasteners are equipped with retainers, so the child will not be able to accidentally unbutton or loosen them.
As a rule, carry-on backpacks provide for use for a child weighing up to 20 kg. This is the weight that the child gains by 4-6 years. At this age, they are already hardy enough for small trips. However, there are models for very young children.
Before proceeding to the review of backpacks, we want to draw your attention to some possible differences that can affect your choice.

Pay attention:

  • Sun visor. You can buy a carry-on backpack with a built-in sun visor or an optional one.Rain cover for carrying a backpack. As a rule, it can be purchased separately.
  • The volume of the backpack. The volume in this case refers to the volume of various pockets for things. Think ahead about how many things you plan to carry. Perhaps, if the child will be carried by the mother, it makes sense to take a less roomy, but lighter model.
  • Suspension system. Naturally, different manufacturers have their own. Try to measure different models of carry-on backpacks in search of the perfect fit. By the way, some models of backpacks have a suspension designed exclusively for women. The differences may be in the chest strap, the width of the waist belt, and the back itself.
  • Adjustable height of the backpack back. In most models of carry-on backpacks, the length of the back is adjusted to the height of its owner. Ask consultants to help you do this for the first time, so that you can fully experience the convenience before you buy a carrier backpack. This design detail of the carry-on backpacks is especially relevant if the child will be carried alternately by the mother and father, who have different growth, during the campaign.
  • Additional pockets. In more expensive models, there are waist pockets. In addition, it is possible to have convenient pockets throughout the entire area of the backpack. For example, for a bottle or a child’s favorite toy.
  • Hydrator. Please note that there is a pocket for the water supply system in the carry-on backpack. Sometimes this option can be very important.
    Removable cushion for the chin. If a child falls asleep during a hike, his cheeks and chin will be on a soft pad in front of him. It can be easily washed by hand.
  • Child boarding. If the child is small, it is convenient to put it on top. But if it is already old enough, then the side entrance to the backpack-carrier will facilitate the landing process. The baby will be able to climb into it on their own, you will only need to fix it.

Top 5 Backpacks for carrying children

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Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier, Dark Shadow

ClevrPlus Canyonero Camping Baby Backpack Hiking Kid Toddler Child Carrier with Stand and Sun Shade Visor | 1 Year Limited Warranty

Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier – Grey

ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier Toddler Gray

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