Backpack adjustment


Each user personally adjusts the backpack for themselves

Packaging by all the rules is only half the battle. Given the number of straps and straps in the backpack, it is logical to assume that you will have to adjust them as well. If you tighten all the belts under you, it will be much easier and more comfortable to move around. These adaptations in this product are not accidental.

You need to take a backpack, release all the straps so that it is as spacious and free as possible. Then load it up as if you were going on a trip. It is important that the backpack began to weigh as much as it will weigh in the campaigns. Put it on your shoulders, look for a comfortable fit and adjust the straps.

The belt should only be on the femur, with no downward or upward shifts. Otherwise, after a few kilometers, you will feel that it squeezes the stomach or strongly rubs the skin.

As for the shoulder straps, then tighten them not very tightly. Do not forget that it is the belt that takes the main load when overcoming routes. Feel that the support points of the shoulder straps have taken their position-located between the shoulder blades. If so, then you did everything right. The load will be distributed moderately, the straps will not RUB the shoulders, as they will get a soft lining.

Special attention should be paid to the chest tie. It is regulated when you have already successfully coped with the straps. Do not tighten the chest belt too tight, remember – you still need to breathe when moving. Thanks to this device, tourists stably fix the shoulder straps.

It was the turn of the stabilizing belts. They are adjusted depending on which section is to be overcome – smooth or rises/slopes.

The result of fixing the stabilizing belts on the belt:
– tighter – better control of the load;
– freer-more comfortable to move, freedom of movement.

The result of fixing the stabilizing straps on the shoulder straps:
– tighten stronger-more confident pass difficult terrain, more control, stability;
– you let go-the load moves more to the belt, the back is better ventilated. It is desirable to loosen the belts on simple segments of the path.

Tourists choose interesting routes to be not only beautiful and interesting, but also a little extreme. It is more interesting to pass different terrain, though more difficult. This is where the skills of adjusting the belts will come in handy, so that you are less tired on the way and correctly distribute the load. Check that the belts are at a certain angle-30-45 degrees, their position is horizontal.

Small backpacks are equipped with stabilizing belts for another purpose – they are used to adjust the length of the back. Therefore, each person will be comfortable to carry a backpack every day or take with you on trips. They are already positioned at a completely different angle. It is much smaller, maybe even negative.

A tourist backpack is chosen not only for its beauty and stylish appearance, but also for its functionality, size, and capacity. It is important not to miss with the length of the back. The model with an elongated back will pull up the shoulder straps. The product will not sit comfortably on the shoulders, it will be lifted up, there can be no question of any stabilization. Well, if you don’t fall back right away. The shortened back lifts up the belt. Again, this is reflected in the shoulder straps-they constantly jump off. The load is distributed incorrectly, it will be uncomfortable to go.

Ways to adjust the height of the backpack:

– in models of large volume-shift shoulder straps up or down, adjusting to the growth of the user;

– in models of small capacity, this issue is solved by the fact that the manufacturer offers several options with different back lengths.

Many well-known manufacturers of tourist equipment and Deuter, among others, offer consumers special options designed exclusively for women, very tall people. Female modifications come with a smaller back, which corresponds to their anatomy. If a man is small and not particularly gained body weight, it can also be comfortable to wear a women’s backpack. Such models are marked with a special marking-SL.
There are also high tourists, whose growth reaches 2 meters. In this case, they can not suffer with the standard version, rebuilding it for themselves, and buy a product with an extended suspension. They are also designated differently-EL. Other models are standard for the masses.

Prepare for the adventure correctly to enjoy the journey and feel a pleasant physical fatigue, not the pain of muscle sprains and chafed skin. Let only the incredible beauty of nature makes you worry and tremble.

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