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How to choose a school satchel: 10 practical tips.

Clear answers to the questions, what is better than a backpack satchel, how much it should weigh, what should be the straps, compartments and pockets, and what is good anatomical back, with examples of models from the best manufacturers, suitable for young students

Choosing a school satchel, we want it to be convenient, beautiful and affordable. Everyone knows how to get a school satchel: it is stuffed to the eyeballs, thrown with a run on the floor, it is rolled down the hill, so it is also important that the satchel was strong and served the student at least for one school year.

But the main thing to remember when going shopping: a good satchel is taking care of the child’s health, so you can not save on it.

Why the satchel?

Our moms and dads went to first class with a briefcase-a rectangular “suitcase” with a handle, which often did not even have straps to wear on the back. Today’s students carry their textbooks and notebooks in school bags or backpacks.

A satchel is a shoulder bag with a rigid frame body and a tight back.

Backpack-bag with straps without a rigid frame.

Children of primary and secondary school age are recommended to wear a satchel, as it evenly distributes the weight of school textbooks on the spine of the child. Thanks to the solid body, the contents of the satchel will be reliably protected from falls, impacts, precipitation — this is convenient for younger students who do not yet know how to keep track of their belongings.

The main advantage of the satchel is that due to its voluminous frame shape it is inconvenient to carry on one shoulder, earning scoliosis.
However, teenagers do not like the rigid frame of the satchel, alas. They want to dress up with sports backpacks or stylish shoulder bags. Well, it’s not as dangerous for a sixteen-year-old as it is for a first-grade kid with a weak back.

What is evaluated when choosing a schoolbag for a student?

The weight of the empty container

According to the norms, the weight of an empty satchel should not exceed 1 kg. Textbooks, although they are now divided into parts, notebooks and other school supplies will weigh about 2 kg for 1 class, and in middle and high school-even more. So the lighter the satchel, the better.

The size of the container

A huge satchel, which will fit the first-grader-this is not only comical, but also dangerous for a child’s back. Before buying a backpack it is advisable to try it on the baby and make sure that the top edge of the container rests not in the head of the student, and the lower pressure on the lower back.

Ask the seller to fill the satchel and see if there are any distortions, whether it sits comfortably on the child’s back.

Do not buy a satchel for growth — because of the shifted center of gravity it will be inconvenient to carry and the weight of the textbooks folded into it will seem to increase.

The shape of satchel

The first graders is better to buy a rigid frame pack. It keeps its shape perfectly: notebooks in such a satchel will not crumple, and pens and pencils will not break. The shape of the satchel should also help to ensure that precipitation does not linger on its cover. It is better not to buy backpacks because of their baggy shape. Save this option for high school, when the back is already formed.

Orthopedic back

Choose backpacks with a semi-rigid orthopedic back: on this back there are several pads that emphasize the natural curves of the spine, maintain correct posture and evenly distribute the load throughout the back.

The back of the satchel should be breathable: a soft mesh lining will not allow the child’s back to sweat when in contact with the satchel.

If you buy a backpack for a teenager, it will not have a rigid frame, but you can choose a model with stiffeners in the back — this is better than a bag that does not hold the shape.


A waterproof, durable nylon fabric should be used to make the satchel: this fabric is difficult to stain and easy to wash. Waterproof properties of the fabric receives due to the special impregnation.

Well, if the satchel will be plastic or rubberized bottom: such a satchel can be put even in a puddle-notebooks will not suffer. Also examine the seams and edges: are they strong enough? Will they be dismissed in the first week of school?


The straps of the satchel should be strong and adjustable, so that the satchel can be conveniently “pull up” on the back (at the same time, make sure that there are no distortions and the straps are the same length!).

The wider the straps, the more convenient it is to carry in a satchel weight.

The ideal width of the straps is 4-5 cm — these straps do not cut into the shoulders.

Choose satchels, in the straps of which is laid elastic elastic seal.

Well, if the backpack has a front sling with a buckle that will keep the straps from jumping off the back and provide additional support for the spine.

But about what should be the handle of the satchel, there are disputes. If you have to carry a satchel for a first — grader to and from school, you will probably take it in your hand as a bag, and not throw it on your shoulders-which means that you will like models with a comfortable rubberized handle.

But if the satchel has a thin cloth handle that cuts into the fingers and is only suitable for hanging the satchel on a hook under the Desk, your student is guaranteed to carry the satchel on his back, and this is much more useful for the spine.

Compartments and pockets

All modern satchels are roomy: it is almost impossible to find a model with a volume of less than 10 liters on sale, so your student will have plenty of space for books and notebooks. The main thing is to place them so that you do not have to shake out all the contents of the satchel on the Desk in search of a lost eraser.

It is convenient when the space inside the satchel is divided into several compartments: for textbooks, notebooks, pens,and sometimes even for a laptop. The main compartments should be closed with a zipper with a light stroke.

Many pockets are useful for keys, candy, Cribs and other small things. Patch pockets should be closed with zippers or locks: elastic band-unreliable attachment for small items. It may be useful to have a side pocket for a bottle of water — this pocket can just be on the elastic band.


The most important element of decor and safety is a reflective tape on the sides of the backpack or its straps. Reflective elements will make your child visible on the road in cloudy or dark, so the more of these elements-the better.

Visually attractive, but functionally unimportant are such decorative elements as silk screen printing or thermoapplication — in one of these techniques, you can make a picture on the top pocket of the satchel. Barbie dolls and disney characters will appeal to younger students, and applications in the form of hearts or car models – middle school students.

Little fashionistas will like satchels decorated with sequins and rhinestones.

The choice of a satchel in appearance is better to entrust to the child himself, so that later it does not turn out that a particular cartoon character has already gone out of fashion.


Often complete with a satchel are a Shoe bag, pencil case, water bottle, container for Breakfast and other accessories made in the same style. This set from one brand will look stylish and will surely please the student.

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