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We will tell you how to choose a backpack for the city in the online store, so that it pleases, and not upset. When buying in online stores, there is a danger to get not what you wanted: you can not touch it, and looking at the photos you can forget to check important details. The same applies to backpacks.

In the article we give advice.

What should fit inside

If you work in an office, you probably take your wallet, lunch, headphones, umbrella in case of bad weather. On a business trip – your laptop. Imagine visually size of all things. All fit freely? Is there room left just in case?

A travel backpack usually needs to be even more roomy, with multiple compartments and light to avoid extra weight. Especially when traveling, when you do not want to trust the values of the staff of the hotel.

If you need to carry a laptop, choose a backpack with a special compartment that has a soft pocket and a lock so that the laptop does not hang out and remains intact. Especially important is the protection of the laptop from the bottom. Look closely at the model with a thick lining, soft walls and water-repellent materials — this is necessary to avoid damage to expensive equipment on the way. The advantage will be pockets for charging, flash drives, headphones, external disk and so on.

How to choose a backpack to protect yourself from pickpockets

It is no secret that pickpocketing is very common, especially when there is a crowded transport. Significantly reduce the risk of financial loss will help backpack with anti-theft design-they are calmer, things remain safe. Full-fledged anti-theft backpacks are designed in such a way that the zipper can not be undone while the backpack is on your back. Separately there are models with other features:

– hidden pockets in the back will help to hide the most valuable;
– code locks or twists of the main compartment valves will prevent imperceptible penetration;
– additional layers of resistant polymer material will protect the case from cuts.
These backpacks look no worse than usual and are very different types.

What to pay attention to when choosing:


Backpack with wide straps evenly distribute the weight. Made of soft material with ventilation holes or perforations, allow the skin to breathe and avoid chafing. On the straps can be pockets for keys or cards-it is convenient to get without removing.


To keep your back from getting wet, you need ventilation. This can be special relief inserts or pads with perforation-the main thing is that the back of the backpack was not flat and entirely made of soft material.

The seal in the lower part of the back will make carrying a backpack much more pleasant, because it relieves tension from the waist.

Chest strap

Many do not attach importance to it or specifically look for a backpack without it, but in vain. When there are a lot of things in a backpack, a fairly large load goes on the shoulders and back. If you fasten the chest strap, you will remove some of the tension from the shoulders and better fix the straps on them.

Reliable the clips on the straps

To make it easier to remove and put on the backpack, you can lower the straps when removing and pull up when you have already put on the backpack, and you do not have to twist the whole body to remove it.

Organization of internal space

It’s time to think about how many small things you can carry. Keys, pen, pass, comb, gum, hygiene and manicure supplies. It will be much more convenient to have pockets of different sizes, shapes and purposes in the main compartment. This will make it easier to remember the location of items and spend less time searching for them.

Accessories and other small things

Lightning. It should be strong, wide relative to the sides of the backpack and preferably with rope straps. The undoubted plus of models that have a zipper protected from the rain by a special design or valve, it will not just help out on the way to the office or walking.
The compression straps. Allow you to fix a windbreaker or jacket, if it became

hot, and in the hands of clothes do not want to carry.
External Department for bottles. Drink water when it’s hot, place an umbrella when it’s wet and not to get things wet in your backpack after the rain.
Handle on top of the backpack. They are different, but the fact of its existence is important. This will simplify your life in public transport, and just move the backpack from place to place will be more convenient.

Size and format

For simplicity we divide all city backpacks into 3 sizes:

– for small (up to 20 liters),
– medium (23-28 liters),
– large (30-35 liters).

In the conditions of the city there is no need to carry a supply of water and food, as well as equipment for the construction of the camp. Therefore, for the city will be ideal in size backpacks up to 30 liters, while the most common is the volume of 20-25 liters. This is just the size to take with you the things you need for one day-gadgets, laptop, book or folder with papers, lunch, jacket or umbrella.

Another advantage of city backpacks small size — they are suitable as hand Luggage if you are going on a small business trip or travel. With them it is convenient to move on any type of transport and they are easily placed in most storage rooms.

In addition to the usual two-strap, there are single-strap backpacks. They are characterized by a much smaller volume, and when worn, they provide access to the contents without removing — just move the backpack forward.

Overall results:

– Choosing the right backpack will help determine the list of constantly and occasionally portable things;
– Think about whether the security of valuables is necessary or it is better to always have quick and easy access to all departments and pockets;
– The estimated duration of use and weight of the load will be your criteria for choosing a backpack suspension system.

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