How to pack a backpack



How to pack a backpack for a hike or trip?

The tourist route is not an ordinary walk, when you go light, do not hurry anywhere and in the hands of a small bottle of water. Tourists develop a trip so that it will be remembered for a long time and become a real exciting adventure. Therefore, the program includes complex transitions, extreme descents, difficult sections.

It is very difficult to go on such route even light, and with a heavy backpack behind shoulders especially. Tourists know in what order to put things so that the backpack was convenient to carry, less tired muscles, and did not hurt the back. It is important to properly adjust the backpack for yourself – how to tighten the straps. If you ignore these nuances, a tourist trip will be a real torment, a hard test that you will want to finish as soon as possible.

Spare the shoulders and lower back, take a little more time to gather on the road. Even a very good and expensive backpack from a popular manufacturer will not save you from problems in a Hiking trip, if it is selected, equipped and adjusted incorrectly. It is better not to spoil the experience of a pleasant stay and safely go the entire route, well prepared for the journey.

How to pack things in a backpack according to the rules

There are limits as to how much a person can lift so that it is safe for their health. The figure is that the weight of the cargo does not exceed 25% of the weight of the person who carries it for a long time. It is important to complete the backpack so that the center of gravity is correctly located. Its dislocation is the height at which the shoulders are located, while being as close as possible to the body of the tourist.

Secrets of proper loading of roomy backpacks (models 30 liters and more)

Conditionally divide the backpack into three zones-lower, middle, upper. Sort things strictly according to these zones. It has long been determined what things are necessary in the campaign, in which area it is better to put, so that the movement was the most comfortable and safe for the spine.

Sort of ammunition to areas of the backpack:

– at the bottom of the stack unused on the road things that will be needed when they have already camped and stopped for the night;
– the main space of the backpack-the middle zone-is filled with sleeping accessories, clothing, food, cooking equipment, and a tent. Things easier are away from the back, heavy items-closer (preferably at shoulder level);
– from above stack everything that can be necessary at any time that it was simple to get a thing, without sorting a half-backpack.

You always want to take more with you, especially for inexperienced or inexperienced travelers. But you should limit yourself especially in the number of attachments attached to the slings of the backpack. On the outer surface of the product there are special loops, carabiners for fixing additional items, sports equipment.

However, these things should fit together compactly, not to create an extra volume, so that during the passage of difficult areas they do not cling to bushes and tree branches, rocky ledges. In addition, additional equipment often creates windage, provokes an imbalance.

Backpacks are equipped with side pockets, which are very useful. Use them correctly, load the same, excluding overload in one of the parties. Experienced tourists recommend packing things in packing bags. This makes it easier to find a specific item in the backpack. And hermetic bags will protect clothes, electronic devices, documents, any valuable things from getting wet during heavy rainfall-rains, snowstorms.

You will easily understand that the backpack is incorrectly assembled if the center of gravity moves down the backpack. You want to go straight forward, but you are drawn back. Of course, you can walk tens of kilometers with such a backpack, equipped incorrectly. But it is unlikely that you will want to continue the journey later, when the muscles, joints, back, lower back will be terrible pain. The shoulders will suffer the most. Your adventure will be seriously

marred by unpleasant memories, even painful ones. If you give too much load on certain muscles, passing extreme areas, you can achieve significant problems with the musculoskeletal system, get sprains, dislocations.

While driving, adjust the position of the load yourself. If a light section is approaching, make sure that the heavy burden is above the shoulders. When the time comes for the difficult part of the route-shift the load below the level of the shoulders. It will be much easier to walk when you lean forward silently.

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