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A backpack is an irreplaceable modern thing that is very quickly distributed among the masses. Nothing surprising-a wide selection of stylish and convenient accessories, their versatility attracts many consumers. For a long time, not only schoolchildren and students, but also ordinary people prefer to go with backpacks to work, go on business trips, travel, go on Hiking trips.

In a backpack, everyone carries what they see fit – food, clothing, documents. Somewhere the juice is spilled, bread crumbs are collected, all this is mixed with dust and forms dirt and becomes a source of unpleasant smell. If you notice that your backpack has a similar problem-immediately wash the product and return it to its former attractiveness.

Of course, the accessories are designed to be used daily and intensively. Therefore, manufacturers choose strong, durable materials that are easy to clean at home. Basically, all models are well erased in a conventional machine-add the powder and expose the delicate mode. If you are worried that your pet will be damaged from machine cleaning – then put it in order with your own hands and extend its operational life.

Method #1: hand wash

You need to remove all the things from the backpack, leaving it completely empty. Carefully check all compartments, pockets. It’s a shame not to notice an important thing, and then very upset about its damage or complete loss. After all, water is a substance that can harm many personal belongings

Carefully turn the accessory inside out and carefully walk through it with a vacuum cleaner. You will immediately see how the seams, crevices, and recesses were filled with various debris. After dry cleaning, do not close the pockets, let them remain open.

To wash the product must be prepared in advance. This applies to the external cleaning of the product-clean the dirt with a brush, and then wipe all sides with a damp rag. Carefully inspect the accessory, remove the hard frame, unfasten the straps, straps, pockets. These parts are more convenient to wash or brush separately to achieve high results.

While you were carrying the backpack, it was considerably frayed, even if you handled it as carefully as possible. First of all, the zones where zippers and fasteners are located suffer. Here often stick out threads, fabric fibers, so it is desirable to cut them. The accessory will immediately become neater, more attractive, will work well zippers and will not deteriorate from endless jams.

Almost all products have tags sewn to the side seam with basic information from the developer of the model. Read carefully all that is written there and, depending on this information, determine the most optimal washing mode. The product is very easy to damage during cleaning – it will fade the material, lose its strength, moisture resistance, and significantly reduce its durability.

It is important to properly wash and then dry the product. This approach is the key to getting a beautiful thing and maintaining its performance characteristics. Do not experiment with cleaning products. It is better to choose the simplest and softest means that will clean the product and just do not damage it.

Be prepared for the fact that you will not find a label with recommendations. Do not worry and sound the alarm. Try the action of the selected cleaning product on a small inconspicuous area of the accessory. If everything is in order-feel free to wash with your hands.

Look for spots on the surface and remove them-they are sure to be there. Agree that almost no one washes the backpack regularly. Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months. As a result, the product is not even put in order for years. Therefore, the absence of spots in this situation is fantastic.

Choose a suitable stain remover and a small brush to make it convenient to apply the product on a dirty surface. Do not use bleach – you risk irrevocably destroying a good thing. The tool tries to destroy the dirt for half an hour. Then you can start washing.

Decided to wash, but did not think about the stain remover? Thought there were no spots, and then found a few contaminated areas? Do not worry that this time you will not cope with the pollution. You can make a concentrated solution yourself and fight with stains in advance – water and detergent are mixed 1:1. The resulting mass is treated with the dirtiest areas and left for 30 minutes.

Choose for washing volume and deep containers. The backpack itself is rather big. And you’ll have to get out the pockets and compartments to wash them, too. Dial a sufficient amount of warm water into the bathroom basin, bowl. Do not heat the liquid too much – the material may shed or deteriorate. Some models developers forbid completely dipped in water and fully washed. Take a damp cloth, a soft brush and gently gradually clean the entire surface.

Add to the water means that you need to wash. Choose the simplest substance. The less coloring elements, flavors, aggressive components, the better. Do not risk damaging the product. And you may have an allergic reaction to the substances contained in the detergent.

Directly wash the accessory. 

Take a backpack, dip it in water and clean all surfaces with a cloth, brush. Well wipe the places where there were stains. Clean the delicate material with a sponge. For example, internal mesh lining, pockets.

When the backpack, in your opinion, is well cleaned, and no longer need to RUB it with brushes, then type clean water and rinse it well. It remains well to squeeze the product. It’s not easy to do. It is best to take a towel, wrap it around the accessory and squeeze everything together well. This method is easy and makes it possible to effectively get rid of moisture, so that the water does not flow in streams from the product for another half an hour. Unscrew gently, not at full power, but gradually. The fact that it is easy to damage the zipper, tear off the straps, lining, spoil the foam.

It is better to take out the product on the street, so that it is well blown by the wind and dried by the sun’s rays. There is no such possibility-fix the product in the suspended state in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Do not rush to use the backpack again. Allow it to dry completely, otherwise mold will begin to develop in wet areas.

Method #2: machine wash

Carefully take out of the backpack everything that is inside, and put in a pre-prepared package, box or other place where access to things will be limited. It will be sad if you then do not find important documents, devices for a tourist trip or other valuable personal belongings.

Carefully check all things, if there are those that also need to be cleaned-put them aside, and then put in order. Turn out the accessory so that the seams are clearly visible, and easy access to hard-to-reach places. Do not be surprised at the accumulated garbage here – this is normal, especially if you have not looked here for several months or years. Thoroughly wipe the backpack or gently vacuum it.

Before washing, clean the product from external debris, dust and dirt. Take a brush and qualitatively clean all surfaces, walk on them at the final stage with a wet cloth. Unfasten from the accessory all the elements of a removable nature-belts and straps, pull the frame. They will RUB against the drum and can damage it. Clean them separately.

Take a critical look at the backpack, especially the areas where there are zippers. Have you noticed that the fabric is particularly worn near the zippers, with threads sticking out in some places? Carefully remove them so that they do not get stuck when opening and closing compartments, pockets. So far, even without washing, the backpack has started to look much better.

Find the label inside the product. Check all seams and sides, including. This detail is important because it contains very important information about the care of the accessory. Look carefully at what water temperature is needed for washing, how to dry the product later. Canvas and nylon modifications are easily washed in the machine. But your backpack may be made of a different material.

If you don’t have spots on the surface, fine. But usually users have a question: how to remove the ingrained dirt? We will tell you what to do with the spots-apply a small brush on them a special tool that removes stains, and carefully RUB. Leave for 30 minutes. Until it comes to washing, heavily dirty areas will become more loyal to cleaning. Just don’t buy bleach.

Instead of a stain remover, use the following solution if it turns out that you do not have it at home. Mix the detergent and water 1:1. With this mass, treat the spots.

Do not put the backpack inside the machine without a cover. Special Laundry bags are sold. Buy such an item and place it in the product. National replacement of bag – a pillowcase. It’ll do, too.” Sharp and metal parts of the accessory will easily damage the drum-zippers, buckles. And in a protective bag, the product is washed well, and no one will harm anyone.

Fill the powder compartment with about two tablespoons of this product. Make sure the powder is soft. Wash only in delicate mode, the temperature for washing choose no more than 30 degrees. When the machine stops and the process is complete, remove the product and wipe all its surfaces.

Experts recommend that you do not refuse to wash if you do not have at least some cover for washing a backpack and pillowcases, including. Turn out the backpack, and let the machine wash. All metal parts will remain inside, so there should be no damage to the product or equipment.

Follow the washing, if you notice that the accessory is very crumpled, stop the process and straighten the product. Start washing again. Sometimes such situations lead to unbalancing of washing equipment and subsequent problems

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