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A backpack is a great alternative to a bag for any activity in the city-study, work, walking and sports. Like everything practical and convenient, they are appreciated by men of all ages. Among modern models, you can choose the best option that will meet all the necessary requirements. Let’s consider in more detail what are and how to choose urban men’s backpacks.


In fact, a city backpack is the same bag, but equipped with straps, with which it is fixed behind the back. They are especially convenient for living in the city, because they have a number of positive characteristics, namely:

small volume, because such a product, unlike sports or tourist, is designed for a certain set of things that will be needed during the day for an ordinary person;

leaves your hands free, which is especially convenient when you quickly change activities, travel in different modes of transport and busy with several things at the same time;

their design allows you to conveniently place all things inside and get quick access to any of them;

the ergonomic shape of the back and straps allows you to minimize the load and does not harm your health;

a wide range of products allows you to choose a product depending on the style of clothing, situation or other individual preferences.

Men’s requirements for ideal backpacks are quite simple, namely:

ease of wearing, the ability to fit the backpack under yourself;

thoughtful organization;

placement of all things that will be needed for a certain time period:

protection not only from weather factors, but also from theft;

suitable appearance.

An overview of the types of

Under urban backpacks means a fairly large number of varieties. Like all bags, they differ not only in external size, but also in internal volume. In a small backpack, you can put only a laptop, wallet and keys. However, there are also more voluminous models (up to 30 liters), which can fit even a small set of products, replacement clothing, shoes, and so on. However, external and internal parameters are not always the same. Externally, a compact backpack can be quite roomy and Vice versa.

All city backpacks are divided into the following types:

rigid frame – they are sewn solid parts that allow you to keep the product in the desired shape and not to crumple the contents;

frameless – their shape can be maintained only due to the rigidity of the material and the number of stacked things.


Internally, the device of backpacks is also different, namely:

the classic model for study or work consists of one large compartment with internal locks and shock absorbers for gadgets; for convenience, some products have separators;

there are models with two isolated compartments and at the same time quite roomy; this is necessary to sort things for their intended purpose;

in addition to the volume, the backpack has small pockets in the front (for small things) and narrow side (for water or other suitable shaped items); internal pockets are designed to store valuable items and documents;

modular backpacks are still a novelty, among them there are simpler options with modules for flat or bulky items that need quick access; the upgraded version has a set of removable modules that can be attached to the backpack depending on current needs.

Since we are talking about shoulder bags, the backpack can be as follows:

dvuhskatnye – urban model with additional fixing straps do not need, high waist;

odnolyamochnym-this model is easier to use, since it is enough to scroll it over your shoulder forward and do not remove it from yourself.

And finally, do not forget about specialized backpacks. They are used by people to carry the accessories of a certain field of activity. For example, this can include backpacks for cameras, quadrocopters and similar equipment. Some men are forced by their profession to carry a set of tools and are much more comfortable when they are placed in a backpack, which also does not look like a worker.

A separate category includes backpacks that are focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and playing sports in an urban environment (from workout to freeride). Many men travel on bicycles, scooters, and other types of street transport.


One of the main criteria when choosing a backpack is its material. Moreover, if the aesthetic side is more interested in its texture and processing method, then the practical-strength, reliability, durability and resistance to moisture, pollution, temperature changes. To date, the most popular fabric materials for the manufacture of backpacks can be called the following:

Oxford-quite durable and pleasant to look at, does not burn out, slowly wears out, will protect the contents from water, useful in any life situation, including a business trip or outing to nature;

Cordura-has a high density, so this material is resistant to abrasion, heavy, has water-repellent properties; it is interesting in texture, a little rough to the touch;

matting is a light, inexpensive material that is not harmed by any outdoor factors – including high and low temperatures; as a material for making backpacks, it has the advantage of a water-repellent impregnation;

polyester-available at a price, although without treatment with polyvinyl chloride gets wet and torn; it does not deform, does not stretch, it is easy to clean, wash and dry

nylon-its quality depends on the density and processing; thin fabric with a rare weave is easy to damage, but a better quality with a special impregnation will last for several years.

Leather is also popular for making backpacks for everyday wear, as are fabric materials. Externally, the leather thing will look more representative, but it will require special care. Backpacks made of artificial substitutes can produce different impressions. A good leatherette or eco-leather is quite suitable for the intense rhythm of an urban resident, although it has a shorter service life.

Design option

Men are no less concerned than women about how they look, so they choose accessories with great care. In this matter, you can rely on your own perception, as well as on fashion trends. When choosing a backpack, you can immediately see the difference between business and everyday styles. In the first case, the product will look more restrained. The shape of these backpacks is usually close to the correct geometric, besides their decor is very conservative. The traditional colors in this case are black, gray and brown with a small variety in shades.

The design of backpacks for everyday wear is usually suitable for any clothing. In this direction, the choice of shape, color and decor is more diverse. Still the favorites are the typical “men’s” colors blue, green, sand, terracotta, khaki and so on. But you can meet and more bright-red, orange and even unnatural acid.

In General, the urban style with its dynamic pace of life provides for simplicity and practicality. However, all people, including men, want to stand out from the General mass, to show their individuality. This desire is often reflected in backpacks. This is especially true for youth models. Even in a simple backpack for study can be colored or reflective inserts. Noticeable can be hardware-locks, buckles, zippers, runners and pullers.

Another way to Express yourself is to choose a backpack with a picture or inscription. For urban backpack ideal thematic or avant-garde images, unusual colors.

How to choose?

No one forbids walking in the city with a tourist or sports backpack, but it should be remembered that they are not always convenient in this environment and will not be appropriate in some institutions. Therefore, such importance is attached to the process of choosing the right city backpack. The following features should be taken into account:

before you decide on a choice, you need to analyze your lifestyle – time spent outside the house, activities, places visited, the use of different types of transport, and so on; of course, many would like to get one backpack for all occasions, but to implement this in practice is not easy;

even the small weight of the contents during daily wear can affect health, so it is important that the backpack was ergonomic-with an anatomical back and wide adjustable straps; in places of contact with the body should be a special fabric that promotes ventilation;

the easiest way to determine the required internal volume is to make a list of things that you will often have to carry with you; it is not necessary to buy a product with a stock, since it is inconvenient, and unfilled backpacks without a frame do not look as it should;

not all beautiful backpacks will be equally practical, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material, and this also applies to the lining; the weak point in such products are locks, zippers and seams-they must be carefully examined;

branded backpacks do not always justify their cost, but proven manufacturers are more concerned with the quality of their products, for example, Swiss companies give a guarantee of up to 20 years;

the choice between two straps or one is a matter of habit; by the same principle it is worth choosing and filling, over time, even the use of complex organizers becomes commonplace, but they really help to restore order and do not waste time searching.

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