Women’s backpacks

The fashion in recent years combines the timeless design and convenience. A striking example of this is backpacks, whose popularity is only growing from season to season. They have long ceased to be an attribute of sports style. This season, fashionable backpacks for girls are appropriate both in the image of a carefree student, and for an elegant businesswoman. The variety of shapes, sizes, textures makes the product suitable for all occasions.

Fashion trend

Backpacks are steadily replacing traditional handbags. Fashion trends are determined primarily by the requirements that modern girls have for this accessory. The actual satchel can be described as follows:

It is convenient, accommodates everything you need, freeing your hands.

Universal, appropriate for business negotiations, at a party.

This accessory is beyond age. It is equally comfortable for a young girl and an adult woman.

The most popular for a long time remain backpacks made of genuine leather. Clear, concise design and frame structure emphasize all the advantages of such products. 

In addition to leather, a top backpack for a girl can be made of this material:






fabric with prints;

quilted fabric;


The latest fashion trends focus on a medium-sized accessory. Too big overloads the image, and small models are impractical. Because of the size of the mini-models can fit only lipstick and compact. To make up for the lack, the designers provided him with a miniature purse-purse.

The choice of forms is as great as the choice of materials. Models of backpacks for girls this season can be baggy or have a frame structure. The product may resemble a briefcase or be teardrop-shaped. The trend is rounded, asymmetrical, square things. A special place is occupied by the new season-2 in 1. During the day it can be used as an elegant bag in a business style, and in the evening it can be worn on the shoulder.

The color palette is also very diverse. When choosing a leather product, it is better to give preference to shades of natural leather or pastel tones from milk-peach to mint. When choosing a satchel from other materials, the color can be any. Famous brands offer red, coral, purple, blue, lemon models. 

 As jewelry fashionable backpacks for girls can serve as:


zippers, spikes, rivets, other metal elements;

funny little animals, in the form of which are made beautiful backpacks for girls;

a variety of prints;

patch pockets that adorn large models;


Current models

To date, the most fashionable can be called a leather backpack of medium size, not overloaded with decorative elements, or even completely devoid of them. But to stay in the trend, it must match the overall appearance of the hostess.

Casual style

This season, casual style aims to repeat the shape of bags. The fashion accessory has clear geometric shapes and resembles a briefcase: classic or with a rounded top. Bright finish gives the models a slight extravagance and allows the owner to emphasize the identity.

The product can be made of natural or eco-leather, as well as textiles. Not one year in a trend there are models of backpacks for girls from denim. The material is practical and fits perfectly into the casual-look.

In the warm season, fashionistas should give preference to bright colors or their contrasting combinations. The color block technique makes it possible to look stylish and match the latest fashion trends.

Although the decor tends to minimalism, but still present. The main decoration of the season was the fringe. It gives the image originality, enveloping it with a light romantic charm. Applications in the form of three-dimensional colors promise to win the hearts of lovers of urban style. This decor will be appropriate in a set with plain jeans, trousers or shorts.

Casual style implies an active lifestyle. The rhythm of a big city often requires that you have everything you need. A bottle of water, a purse, some cosmetics, a phone charger and a bunch of keys will easily fit into a medium-sized model. 

Backpacks with metallic sheen

One of the undisputed fashion leaders of this season can be called a backpack with a metallic sheen. This can be products made of patent leather or other shiny materials. It can also be fully or partially embroidered with sequins. 

With such a thing, it is easy to create a bright, memorable look. The backpack will add a zest to the most everyday image and save you from the dull grayness. A special charm to the product and the appearance as a whole will give the fringe. It does not spoil the appearance at all, it looks quite appropriate.

For the option for each day, it is better to choose calm shades. The accessory will look equally appropriate with an evening dress, and with everyday clothes. The secret of its success is in a harmonious combination with all the details of the outfit.

Bright neon colors combined with metallic luster look original. The material can be used by anyone, starting with fabrics with waterproof impregnation and ending with plastic. This is what a stylish backpack looks like for a teenage girl.

Biker style

Biker style is characterized by an abundance of gold or silver rivets, spikes, rough zippers and chains. The decor is appropriate and fringe. They are suitable for the brightest, charismatic representatives of the fair sex.

These backpacks complete an extravagant, deliberately rough look. The game looks stylish on contrasts. The combination of a delicate lace dress and deliberately rough accessory will add a little brutality to a romantic outfit.

With cute and playful prints

Youth backpacks for girls with playful prints, various ornaments – the most cute trend of the season. Such a thing is practical and uplifting. Young girls and teenagers will suit funny drawings on the fabric. This can be laughing emoticons, funny cartoon characters or short witty phrases.

Older ladies will love floral prints. Fashionable look fabric backpacks with logos of famous brands. Acceptable cage and small peas, ethnic and animal motifs.

Unusual looks backpack, fully or partially made with their own hands. This hand-made can be done by any needlewoman. It is not necessary to sew a thing from scratch. You can decorate a store-bought accessory with embroidery or applique. This will add to his identity, emphasize the individuality of the owner.

Small backpacks

Small products though not practical, but contain everything you need. Outwardly, they are no different from their large “brothers”. This is another fashion trend this season. 


Such a thing will successfully emphasize the fragility of the hostess, especially if you stop the choice on models of pastel colors. Blue or pink colors themselves look very gentle, and in combination with small sizes create a touching image filled with elegant femininity. Unlike larger bags, these backpacks do not weigh down the appearance.

It is best to use them as an alternative to the clutch. Of course, at an official event, they are unlikely to be appropriate. Their niche is an informal style that does not involve a strict dress code. Stylish mini-backpacks will fit seamlessly into the format of a youth party or a student’s birthday. They are also perfect for visiting the cinema theater.

Popular brands

Modern models from famous brands are in great demand. The queues lining up behind them once again confirm the relevance of the accessory. Each season brings impressive new items from famous couturiers.

The cornerstone of the new collection is the classic backpacks for girls designed in one color. The monochrome range is diluted with options painted with prints and supplemented with decorations. But both are easily recognizable by the author’s style of designers and corporate logo.

According to the idea of fashion designers, a stylish satchel should be spectacular and slightly provocative. Givenchy bet on a pink, leopard-like print. Moschino has pleased fashionistas with accessories stylized under the packaging of elite perfume. And Chanel was reminded of the legendary handbag “2.55”, using original metal chains instead of straps.

American Michael Kors is considered the king of backpacks. When creating a new collection of women’s bags of different shapes, he was inspired by Bohemian and ethnic motifs. At the same time, he remained true to himself. All models created by the Maestro are made of leather. Iconic backpacks with rounded edges made of embossed textured material.

 The brand’s large collection includes models:

with prints;

with a metallic sheen;


in biker style, decorated with spikes;

monophonic, the only decoration of which is a recognizable brand logo.

All models can be easily carried in the hand if desired. Handles are made in the form of loops. Sometimes the straps are replaced with chains. This detail they echo with accessories from Chanel.

Top 5 Women’s backpacks

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